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Modern tourists visit France not only to see the EiffelTower and the Champs Elysees, but also to enjoy Paris night life. Night life in France is concentrated on the left bank of the Seine, here are the main places of entertainment. The most well known and popular places among tourists are Belleville Montmartre and Place de la Bastille.

Nightlife in Paris, which can also be called a real temptation, automatically sends us to such streets as the Champs Elysees and Trocadero. It is worth noting that in the last few years they have become a real concentration of tourists from all over the world. These streets have for long been the most popular for those who want to dance, sit at the bar or just relax. Paris escorte.

In general, it must be said that Paris is really full of all kinds of nightlife, discos, clubs, and, of course, cabaret - the show, which is a real piece of art, as well as beautiful costumes of skilled dancers. Every entertainment venue has its own distinct culture. The administration does not save on design: you can see here color music, street garlands and beautiful girls in Paris escorts agency.

So, for those who like to always spend time usefully, there is a place like Crazy Horse Saloon. This institution has been in existence for over fifty years and is famous for its views in the aesthetic style of erotica. Its name is a real sensation for the world, a synonymous of elegance, sophistication and passion.

Of course, one of the most popular places among visitors and residents of institutions is the American-style cabaret called Lido. For one play dancers who, by the way, pass the strict selection and adhere to the strictest discipline, can vary up to 600 different costumes and 500 pairs of shoes. For maximum effect the performers also use a fountain, a smoke machine, ice rink and even a man-made waterfall!

Of course, leading the conversation about the night life of Paris, it is necessary to name the world's most popular cabaret opened in 1889 - the Red Mill (Moulin Rouge). Of course, an integral part of each performance is the famous French Cancan, performed by excellent dancers. It is worth beein visited as well as Paris escort girls in different agencies.

As for the disco, the life in Paris after midnight starts at Montmartre, Marais and Montparnasse. Young people also like to spend time in Latin Quarter. There are the best discos and night clubs of the city, which in addition have special entourage: disco ball, color music, etc.

For lovers of the nightlife in Paris there are a lot of centers of different levels. The cheap nightclubs and Independent escort Paris have loyal face control and you can pass it even as a simple tourist and without having a lot of money. The expensive institutions are for wealthier people so it is difficult to get into a variety of clubs. One of the most elite institutions of Paris is the club Le Cab, located near the Louvre.

The club Le Moloko should also be noted. It was opened by Russian immigrants at the beginning of the previous century. Here you can dance, have fun or relax in comfortable armchairs. In short, you will not be bored!

The clubs Batofar and Barrio Latino are less expensive institutions. The first of them looks like a red ship, moored to the bank, this place is very popular, so there are always a lot of people. The second club is located close to the Place de la Bastille and it is a good choice for the student, as well as office workers.

Paris - is a great city for lovers of night walks. In the evening the city is filled with an extraordinary atmosphere of romance and shimmers in different lights. A stroll along the Champs-Elysees, you can sit in a cozy restaurants or enjoy the company of pretty women in elite escorts Paris.

Prices for tours to France from Russia are not very expensive, and they are not an obstacle for those who want to visit the real cabaret and enjoy the atmosphere of Paris at night, especially since many travel agencies offer last-minute trips and various low-cost things to do in Paris. Enjoy. Escorting paris.

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